Hi all! Ok so I lied.. I promised that I was going to be active on my blog, and I did not keep that promise. It’s just that I had so much going on! I just changed my job and everything is soooo overwhelming.

But you know what? I am back now.. and for good, this time. To begin properly, I though I’d share this amazing American restaurant that I went to.

Think of American food, with some sort of a twist. And here, we are talking about the southern part of America.. which means.. comfort food like waffles, pancakes, fried chicken etc!

So I am going to briefly begin with some of the dishes that I ordered:

So, to begin off with the very first course, it is none other than.. Deviled Eggs (on the left) , together with Fried Green Tomato & Crispy Pork Belly (on the right):

I was not really a fan of Deviled Eggs, but then again, it’s me, I am not an egg person! My partner, however, LOVED it.. I had to capslock it because he gobbled on his, and took mine too. He’s a picky eater, so, enough said that the deviled eggs were probably good. RATING: MY PARTNER STOLE MINE/10

However, I did enjoy the pork belly. It was fried, and let’s get real, anything fried is awesome, right? RIGHT? RATING: 8/10!!

The next course was of course…. THE HOLY GRAIL BURGER…


Crunchy chicken patties, with lettuce, tomatoes and pickles in between, drizzled with their hot sauce! Sounds yummy? I thought so too! It also came with their home made buttermilk ranch dressing, as well as fries. I mean, it cannot get better than that, eh?

I honestly loved the burger. The patty was well fried, and yet so so juicy. The serving size was huge though, and I’ll be honest with you, I could not even finish half of the fries. RATING: 9/10

Lastly.. we tried 2 different desserts. My partner and me, we are both suckers for some sugar rush, and no matter how full we are, we will never fail to get a dessert, and hence the 2 below:

1. Fried Oreos

Now I know what you’re thinking… you’re probably really skeptical about the way this looks… but trust me, it is really really good!!!!! So basically, you get a scoop of Vanilla Bean (not Vanilla!!!) ice cream, and the oreos, which are fried in a crumble are presented on some super soft home made marshmallow. It was a unique dessert for me, and hence I ordered. Was it delicious? I mean yeah, since it was my first time. Would I get it again? Maybe not! 🙂 RATING: 7/10


2. Salted Caramel Bread Pudding

Now I am not going to lie… I had really high expectations from it, only because I LOVE LOVE LOVE bread pudding. And when I saw this, I immediately told myself that this is it.. this is what I will order.. no questions asked. That warm custard bread pudding with whisky anglaise…dragee pecans…chantilly cream..gooey salted caramel… I mean, how can anyone resist this… RIGHT? Ok..long story cut short.. it was a complete disappointment..!!! 🙁 It wasn’t at all soft.. and it just tasted dense. Bread pudding, in my opinion, should be light and yet juicy.. RATING: 2/10

Overall, this place is amazing, although a little steep, pricing wise.

The bill came out to be about $95 for 2 people, so on average, it is about $48/per person.

My overall Rating: 7/10 , and yes, I will definitely go again! 🙂

Address: B1-07, Galleria Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands