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The Circusa Act

Hello Everyone!! I know I have been away for quite a while now. I have had a really hectic start to the year. It has been quite an eventful year so far. I will share with you more on this in a few upcoming posts. In the meantime, I have put together a lookbook for you guys to enjoy.












DSCN3745Jacket- Nastygal, Top- Cotton On, Jeans- New Look

I recently purchased this gorgeous long vest from Nastygal and I was just thinking about how I could dress this up. And I actually came up with a couple of ways! This is just one of the ways to dress up the vest. If you would like to see more ways to doing so, let me know, and I will come up with another look idea!

For now, thank you so much for reading, and please let me know if this was a miss or a hit!

Thanksgiving Wishlist 2015

You know guys, holiday season is around the corner. It’s going to be Halloween next week. Time has passed so so quickly!! Who would have imagined, right? It’s like, it was just yesterday that it was New Year 2015!! Seriously, this year passed way too quickly, don’t you think so? And ok. so it has, but what can we really do? :/ It frightens me at times how time can fly so so quickly.

And with that being said, in no time, we will have thanksgiving, and then christmas and then new years!! :(

It’s sad, but if you were to look at it from a positive angle, you can think of it this way: You get to shop for dresses!!!! Isn’t that amazing??? I know it is, for me!! :p

And this year, I have selected 3 dresses that I would wear on thanksgiving. I need your help, to help me decide which dress I should get?

V Neck Lace Red&green Vintange Skater-dress

You could purchase this here.

This green number is just gorgeous, and it has the right amount of Ooomph any dress needs. It’s girly, classy and sexy, all at the same time. Paired with the right accessories, these dress can be a showstopper!!!

Polka Dot Red Fantastic Small Lapel Skater-dress

You could purchase this here.

Who doesn’t dream of being a pin-up girl, right? I loveeee these gorgeous red number!! It’s once again, sweet, adorable and at the same time, girly!! All I am thinking of is a pin-up look, say if i were to purchase this one.

Glamorous Round Neck Floral Printed Skater-dress

You could purchase this here.

Another really similar colour pallet to the pin-up one, this dress screams everything girly!! I love this gorgeous dress, and you know what’s the best part? It can be transitioned to spring and summer as well!!!

Fantastic Round Neck Batwing Tassel Striped Pullover

You could purchase this here.

Now if you’re anything like me, you love to eat! A LOT!! Especially that turkey. Mannn, you just diggggg into it. So yes, you overeat, and you tend to grow a tummy there and then. So you know what’s the trick? Wear a lose fitted blouse!! BAM!! And that’s pretty much the trick of eating anything and everything ;)

So guys, this was my wishlist for thanksgiving this year! Which one do you think I should wear? I will do a lookbook featuring that exact item! So you chooooose and I will dress it up!! By the way, if you’re looking to buy any of these items, feel free to visit Fashionmia. They’ve got a huge selection, you guys! :) So do check that out! :)