Hey Guys! How are y’all doing? Technically, this is going to be my first post in a really really long time! Yikes! I think my last one was back in 2015 maybe?

Anyway..I came back to blogging because I realized that I really miss writing, in general. My blog is still in the midst of getting pimped and all .. so yeah!

But anyway, I’ll shut up for now and here’s a post for you!

It was the Easter weekend and I decided to shop for a couple of stuff I needed (wanted). And somehow, we ended up doing a photo shoot. Out of nowhere.

I am pairing this really casual outfit with that subtle bohemian touch.


What am I wearing?

  • Sunglasses – Charles & Keith
  • Shoes – Adidas
  • Ring – Kate Spade
  • Necklace – Random boutique
  • Denim Jacket – Zara has

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if this was a miss or a hit!