You know guys, over the years, nail polish and nail art community (ok, so probably there is really no such  “community”..but maybe there is? NOBODY KNOWS!) has stepped up their game! Gone are the days when having simple manicured nails was “the thing!”


You know, nail art came into picture, and then matt nails, then shutter (or crackled) nails, and then, gel nails…and now, textured nails. That’s right, y’all! I wonder what’s gonna be next in trend? The nail-less nails? Yeah imagine!! The next trend would be to completely have no nails. That sounds really creepy, and weird, but so does… “fur nails!”. No kidding, there are such nails. Or my personal hated-nails, THE FEATHER NAILS! I mean, if I wanted feather nails, I might as well be a crow.


(Above: Fur Nails… Purple fur? Seriously…? I mean, you have absolutely no excuse to wear such nails unless you’re that purple weird dinosaur ….that Barney animal who could talk..)




(And just look at these!! I refuseeee to even address these things.. (or whatever nonsense they’re called!)..OKAY SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY? IS SHE PLANNING TO MATE WITH Chewbacca? (*feels sick*)




But with that being said, not all textured nails are bad! You know my personal favourite are those caviar beads by Ciate! Let me show you some of them!



pink cavier




So..I loveee Ciate! I love how unique they are…they almost look delicious, don’t they?




And you know, if you do not wish to go for a textured look, then you could always use their plain colours.




I honestly prefer Ciate to OPI and Essie. Why? Simply because of the quality of their nail polishes! But you know what are the perks of living in Singapore? Everything here is marked up!! At Sephora, a Ciate nail paint pot costs $34!!! CRAZYY!!!!! I might as well buy a Chanel Nail polish for $50!

But…not all hope is gone! Recently I discovered that I could buy Ciate Nail polish online from Zalora.


And guess what? It only costs $16!!! (as compared to $34 in Sephora!!!). Dang, it’s more than 50% cheaper.


At the moment, they do not have a huge range of Ciate Nail paint. That’s the only downside though. But with that being said, the selected paints and kits they have are all we really need. Seriously. No unnecessary unnecessary feather. Do check their collection out!


And nowwww, I am going to show you some of my favourite nail arts for spring/summer!




1 2 3 4 5

These are just some of my favourites this S/S 2015! What are yours? Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to nail art? What do you think of Nail-less Nails?  Do you like Chewbacca? Is Darth Vader dreamy?


Disclaimer: All images above are taken from Pinterest.