So this is a really humorous news I read this morning.


Now I’ll give you the background information of what exactly happened.

So this bloke, Richard Thomas, from the UK, broke into his female friend’s house while she was unconscious and he raped her. Now remember, she takes pills to sleep, so in the whole process, she isn’t aware if she’s being raped.

And so Richard knew that and that’s when he decided to commit this rape.

So long story cut short, he is now waiting for his HIV results. The female patient is HIV positive and when she found out about the rape, she was all like, ‘Its his fault, he got himself into this.’

When Richard did find out about her being HIV positive, he immediately collapsed.

Now here’s my take. It’s a very ironic situation. In fact, he actually deserves it. Karma is a bitch, innit? So really, who is the victim now?

This was a hilarious start to my morning. I’ll keep you updated about whether he really contracted HIV or not!!

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