So here is my lovely lovely, very lovely review of the most ____ movie i’ve ever watched!


I am not even kidding when i tell you that this was the first Sonam Kapoor’s movie that i had been longing to watch, and i did. And..okay, first of all, she looked amazing! She pulled off the role as a Muslim girl perfectly!! Abhay Deol looked amazing, and sadly, he had to die -_- (SPOILER ALERT!)



Now, we talk about Dhanush!



Now, i am not all into looks and stuff, but he has to be the ugliest, most dirty looking actor to be casted in a bollywood film. and for god sake, he cant even speak proper hindi!!!! :/ So pretty much, i was wondering, what the hell was he mumbling (but thank god for the subtitles!). But ok let’s be fair, his acting was superb! But what really bugged me was, that he was a “pandit” of UP. Now i dont know about you guys, but i come from a pandit family too, and even in Delhi, i can assure you that no pandit would look THIS BAD! He looked like a “bhangi”. God! But acting was amazing!


The story line… hmmm.. Now, one would think this is a love story (and i thought so too! The songs, themselves, make it seem like it is a love story!) but in actuality, it is not!!! It’s more like a political drama than a love story!


Basically the story is this 5-year old boy sees a 5-yr old girl praying in the mosque, and he fells in love with her. Love at first sight. For a 5-yr old! Amazing..huh? (sarcasm!)


Then, well, the girl doesnt love him, she loves another guy. Now after a while, that other guy dies. And now this girl is into politics..and so is..OK I AM NOT GONNA SPOIL IT FOR YOU LOL!


I would give the film a total rating of 1.5/5!

The songs though are amazing! Especially Tum Tak!! Amaaaaazing!!!Even the title song is amazing! But movie had a loophole, and i really wished it was a love story! :(


Thank you for reading my review! :)