I know I have said before that I would strictly ban any kardashian-related posts or one-liners on my blog. But I need to make a quick rant here. BECAUSE I JUST….I just have to!!!!!



So…Kourtney Kardashian striped too! Yet another Kardashian that’s naked. Well, the ENTIRE Kardashian empire was built on nudity.

They started with the porn that was “LEAKED”, that sprang them in the fame, and then they had their own reality show, and now, the ratings on their shows are going down. The ratings on a lot of shows are going down, but more so for Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

So what are they gonna go to? Sing? Well, they can’t sing. Act? Well, they can’t act. Play baseball? Well, they can’t play baseball. They have ABSOLUTELY NO TALENT, NO SKILL. So they go to the old tricks in the trade. Nudity!! Going back to being naked!

So we just saw Kim Kardashian with the champagne glass on her fake, extremely photoshopped ass, and now here is Kourtney Kardashian, “Oh I am pregnant!” >> Like dude, Demi Moore did that like 1000 years ago, and there’s nothing unique about it anymore, and nothing special. But these Kardashians are like, WE GOTTA TAKE OUT EVERY CLOTHING WE HAVE, WE GOT TO HIT EVERY FETISH! Kourtney, you hit the pregnancy fetish. Khloe, you hit the fat fetish. Kris, you hit the MILF fetish. Rob, you hit the gay fetish. Kanye, you hit the Arrogant fetish etc etc.

I believe that they’re on their way down (pun intended), and so, this is the last stage of fame. You START WITH NUDITY, AND YOU END WITH NUDITY.

But you know what? I am just thinking, how much it sucks as a woman to base on everything you do is on how you look. You livelihood, your fame is all dependent on your looks, sex appeal, and if you can get naked. That sucks!! Because, like it or not, you’re gonna get old, and all of that is gonna go down in flames.