Why Did I (Almost) Quit Social Media?

If you have been following me on my social platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, etc, you would know how ‘out there’ I used to keep myself.

  • If I wore a pretty dress, I’d insta-story it…
  • If I were dining on some ‘gram-worthy’ food, I’d instastory every single grain of it.


  • If I were on a dream date, I’d Instagram it.

If I were vacationing and spending some quality time with my family or friends, I would put it out there too.

Basically, to cut it short, I would Instagram anything and everything!!!!

Look, don’t get me wrong. I still love these online apps, and I do STILL Instagram my photos of outfits time to time, but apart from that, I’ve stopped using social media. I have (finally) realised that way too much of my life was being revolved around it.

I’ll give you examples. Once, my family got me a cake on my birthday, and I threw a tantrum just because it wasn’t as instagram-worthy or as pretty as I wanted it to be!! THAT WAS INSANE!!!! WHAT AN UNGRATEFUL CHILD I AM, RIGHT? Go ahead, judge me!

I would ask my friends to take at least 15 photos of me, until I get that *perfect* one to post online. I can totally understand how frustrating it must’ve been for them. Things would get worse if even after 15 photos, I still wasn’t ‘satisfied’ and would throw a bitchfit.

I mean I became so filled with that notion of needing an approval from strangers that it started impacting my daily choices and decisions. I found myself looking for and silently celebrating approval from the number of likes and views on my posts.

I’ve recently given up (sorta..kinda..) the big 2 – Instagram, and Snapchat. I have had Facebook and Twitter since 2008 but it is very rarely used except to keep in contact with some…publicly well-known ‘friends’. It has been 3 months since then.

What I have learned in the last 3 months is that I am not as important as I think I am (haha!) but then again, neither is anyone else.

Trust me, outside of your core group of family and friends, no one really cares what you are doing, or even how you are doing. The race to post our best life online is pretty pointless – which leads me to my next point:

*FOMO is a lie.

*fear of missing out

Yes, you may feel the pull to see what everyone is up to, but that feeling will fade.

I used to post on insta-story and Snap the most – Snap had videos of my mundane life interspersed with screenshots of funny memes and the music I listen to – but it was simply an outlet through which I (unhealthily) was seeking to gain validation.

What I realized however was that I was consumed by trying to identify myself (brand myself with an image really) through an online presence that really was time-consuming and utterly pointless as I am simply a regular girl with no fame or public image to really upkeep.

The Hollywood mentality that social media has bred (particularly in young people) is a fascinating disease.

I have also been able to see which relationships in my life are, in fact, real and worthwhile, and which are not. Social media has a way of making us believe we are friends with dozens of people, when in reality, we aren’t friends with them at all – more acquaintances, distant connections even!

Ultimately, what I have learned since giving up social media is that IT IS ALL FAKE – or at the very least, it is all a carefully crafted facade that very rarely reflects the actual reality it is tediously portraying. And this is what actually made me a lot happier. I used to compare myself to everybody. Why is she so pretty? Why is he eating such awesome food, while here I am, snacking on chips? Why are they always on a vacation? Why is she ALREADY MARRIED?? Why is her life so perfect? Etc etc.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy for my friends. Like genuinely. It’s just that it would make me HATE myself. I would hate myself for not being as cool enough or pretty enough etc, and this shouldn’t actually be the case. You should be proud of you are, unless you’re a douchebag, then please fucking change.

But all in all, I’m happy to report that I’ve been off for 3 months now, and I can actually peacefully enjoy my private life with my loved ones without anyone knowing it.


Well… all that energy and time I have spent browsing through instagram, snapchat, facebook, etc.. I am replacing it with doing more conducive things such as reading and writing. I have been going out a lot as well, have been watching documentaries, and really educating myself, and widening my knowledge scope. And you know, it feels amazing 😉

PS: Follow me on my Twitter/ Instagram at …. HA.. just kidding. Adios!

The Grunge Plunge

Hey Guys! How are y’all doing? Technically, this is going to be my first post in a really really long time! Yikes! I think my last one was back in 2015 maybe?

Anyway..I came back to blogging because I realized that I really miss writing, in general. My blog is still in the midst of getting pimped and all .. so yeah!

But anyway, I’ll shut up for now and here’s a post for you!

It was the Easter weekend and I decided to shop for a couple of stuff I needed (wanted). And somehow, we ended up doing a photo shoot. Out of nowhere.

I am pairing this really casual outfit with that subtle bohemian touch.


What am I wearing?

  • Sunglasses – Charles & Keith
  • Shoes – Adidas
  • Ring – Kate Spade
  • Necklace – Random boutique
  • Denim Jacket – Zara has

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if this was a miss or a hit!