Firstly, I am extremely sorry for not being able to blog for the past few days. I’ve been extremely busy and under the weather at the same time. So..I will get back interacting with you guys! :)

So because I’ve been really busy, I have not had time to shoot any lookbook. Hence, this will be a haul. Basically, these are going to be some of my latest buys from PROMOD, ASOS and TOPSHOP. :)

Enjoy! :)

The following buys are from Promod:

1. A tassel leather belt.



Now you guys know how much I am into Boho-look! And I mean, if this belt doesnt scream BOHO, then I do not know what else will! :) The only down-side (which BTW I only found out after buying the belt) is that it is 100% genuine cow leather. And I am anti-animalproducts. So I am not exactly sure if I am going to be keeping this belt. Should I return it? Or keep it? :/


2. The next is this super BOHO keychain!


Once again, you can see how much I incline towards the Boho trends. Now, I am not sure if I’m gonna be using this as an actual keychain, because, what I am thinking is to hang it to a belt..Well, I am going to come up with a look really soon!! So do keep a lookout for that! :)


The next few items are from ASOS!! And these are really really “out there”, if you know what I mean!! Not everyone is going to like them (as they’re probably too “huge”)! :)


1. Okay, so first is this super huge cross! It’s called, “Asos Nature’s Cross” Necklace and IT IS HUGE!!!!!!






And just to give you a rough idea as to how huge this is, I measured it with my hands!!



2. The 2nd necklace I got is a crocodile necklace, again from Asos.






And if obsession with crocodiles wasn’t enough, I got another crocodile necklace!! :D





Again, these may not appeal to everyone as they aren’t the most dainty necklaces out there…but I am sure a majority of you will love it!! :)


Okay and the last batch is from my all-time favourite shop, TOPSHOP!

When I buy necklaces, I look for 2 key factors: 1. Unique 2. Unique. Basically, as long as it is unique, I am sold (technically, the necklace is). So these necklaces that I am about to show are kind of unique!




A very vintage/ethnic touch to a necklace!! :)

And this one below, it is dainty, yes, but it’s soooo boho! SO SO pretty!






And the last one is this one:





And pretty much that’s about it! :) Do tell me which pieces were a miss and which were a hit! And keep a lookout for lookbooks! :)