Dear Mom,

I love you!! You have given me everything and i know you wouldnt be reading this, but maybe someday..just someday, you might stumble upon this post, 20 years from now, and well, i want you to know that you’re my superwoman, but..

BUT…i wished you gave me some good dating advice.. -_- I dont mean the birds-and-bees talk obviously. But rather, The-What-To-Expect-When-You’re-Expecting-A-Relationship-You’ve-Seen-In-Movies talk. A list of helpful guidelines or reminders, perhaps. Something timeless that I could pass down to my future daughter.. -_-

Maybe you could have told me things like these:


Dearest Anshul,

Congratulations! You finally have your first boyfriend. And I mean finally- I was super worried about never getting grandchildren jeez you’re like 18 what took so long??? But never mind that! Now that you’ve entered the cold-hearted cutthroat reality that is the dating world, I’d like to give you some helpful tips to prepare you for some things that those endless hours of watching romantic comedies didn’t prepare you for. (PS, I was kidding about the grandkids joke. Don’t have kids or sex until you’re 30!!!!)

1.  Because Hollywood & Bollywood are deceitful malicious liars, you’re probably convinced that true love is just around the corner, or at the next run-in at the nearest coffee shop. Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh….no. In reality, your true love is probably busy fooling around with college sluts for the next couple of years until he matures and realizes he wants a relationship. Hopefully that’s when you come by! But you’ll probably be dating some loser at that point and the timing will be totally wrong.

2.  Seriously, don’t date losers. You’re better than that. Unless you drop out of college in which I’m declaring you a loser and cutting you off, and I will only have a son then. Just remember Mommy loves you dearly.

3.  There’s always the possibility that you’ll die alone. Just being realistic okay, stop crying, buy some cats.

4.  Never, ever date someone you met at a club. Don’t give your number out at clubs. Christ, don’t even go to clubs. They suck. Just stay home and drink in your room alone where it’s safe. No, dont you dare drink, otherwise i will slit your throat. Mommy loves you, remember that!

5.  You’ll probably have to deal with guys who date you just for your looks. Don’t worry too much about them because you’ll probably do the same at some point. You can be a little shallow, dear. Hopefully you overcome that, or else you’ll end up marrying a poor hot guy and going to work at a food processing company because that’s the only job you could find in this economy. But hey! at least he’s in a BAND.

6.  Throughout your dating endeavors, you’ll find that some men just aren’t mature enough for you. Or actually, not even manly enough for you. Or even worse, more girly than you. I don’t mean that you’ll accidentally date a gay man (although that’ll probably happen at least once!) I’m saying you’ll have to deal with men that act like little boys by complaining about everything, expecting you to compliment and text them first, being awkward around you with his friends, and toying with your emotions because he’s a flighty little girl who’s too afraid to confront his own feelings. You can either deal with this and continue to date what is pretty much a whiny girl with a penis (hopefully not really, because trannies freak mommy and daddy out) or drop him like a hot potato and find yourself a real man. Also stop holding hot potatoes. Burn scars aren’t sexy.

7.  Don’t marry someone unless you’ve dated them for, like, at LEAST forever. AT LEAST.

That’s all I have for now my sweet. Never forget that Mommy loves you very much and was totally serious about the not having sex until you’re 30 thing. Sex is gross and overrated and doesn’t get good until that age anyway, probably. Focus on your career and shit.

Hugs and kisses and stay in school, get a degree or I swear to God I’ll cut you off. Smooches!

Love, Mom.


Sighh…if only…





That’s a letter in a letter. Letterception. O_O


Anyway, it was a saturday and the eve of Diwali! I decided to surprise my mom by baking cookies :)




I will do a recipe soon, what say? :) Actually i used oats for the crust and i used Daim chocolate inside….wait i will show you:




I melted this and spread it around the 2 layers of the cookies. OMG SO DELICIOUS!! SERIOUSLY!!!


And here is the cake:






Omg…it was soooo delicious!! It was a liquor cake..but oh-so-divine!!!! AHH!!

And then we went to a nice cosy restaurant to have our dinner.


And here is my quick OOTD:






And i was wearing my ultra long earrings from Topshop:




And there’s me again:




*And that’s my dad, my bro and well, me, photobombing their pic :( *




*and below is my mommy and my daddy*





*Me and my brother*



And that is pretty much the highlight of the day! :)


I would be blogging next about Diwali and then, there will be a housetour coming up super soon!!! :)


*sneak peak of the house tour*




Have a  great day ahead!! :) And do keep on reading coz i am gonna be blogging loads now!!