Hi beautiful people!! Today, I am going to be sharing a new restaurant with you that I discovered! It’s called “Little Diner”, and the cuisine that they serve is pretty much American Cuisine. I am going to be reviewing this restaurant. So let’s begin!!

First of all, I would start off with the decor of the place.

It’s very..hipster, I would say. Simple, and sober. A pleasant place to be. Not too extravagant or flashy.




Ok…so when we sat down, they immediately offered us water. That was definitely a plus, since it was a really really hot afternoon.



Upon sitting down, we ordered milkshakes and some starters:

Can I just tell you guys that these milkshakes were the best thing ever???????

Okay, so I ordered Kinder Bueno Milkshake.

FACT: Do you know Kinder Bueno is my favourite chocolate?


And oh my god, it was so so delicious!!!! GODDDDDD!!!!!


The other one that we ordered was double chocolate, which was equally delicious!!!!!



Next, we bought truffle fries…one of their best sellers.


I have to say though that I wasn’t particularly impressed by them. Sure they were nice, but I expected a lot more. They were rather oil…and just didn’t impress me enough. My rating for these would be 2.9/5.


The next appetizer we tried were these cheese risotto balls. It had a melty Mozzarella center served with Tomato coulis.


And wow, I must say, they were DELICIOUS!! I wish I could show you how they looked from inside….literally heavenly…OH WAIT..I CAN.!


IMG_8526 (1)


These were absolutely delicious!!! My rating for these would be 4.2/5


Ok so now coming to main courses…!!

We ordered 2 main courses.

1. The XXX Baconator burger



It was basically a beef patty topped with bacon strips, Espresso Bacon Jam and Bacon Aioli. If this burger doesn’t spell OBESITY, I DONT KNOW WHAT ELSE WOULD!!


It was nice…but..once again, didn’t impress me enough. My rating for this would be a generous 2.9/5.

And the last main course we ordered was Buttermilk Fried Chicken.


It was basically golden fried chicken in buttermilk, drizzled with maple syrup. Gosh, it was delish!! My favourite was definitely their homemade coleslaw. DELICIOUS!!!


Overall, my rating for this would be 3.9/5


So guys, I loved the place, I didn’t regret going there, to be honest. But would I go there again? Nah. It was way too expensive for the food we ordered! It costed us about an average $45 PER PERSON!! CRAZY! So MY OVERALL RATINGS ARE AS FOLLOWS:

2. AMBIENCE – 4/5
3. FOOD- 3/5
5. VARIETY IN THE MENU- 2/5 (Not much variety really.)

Hope you guys enjoyed my review! :) <3