Hello everyone! Today I am going to be following up with my boho-decor post series that I was once talking to you about.

Remember how I was showing you some of my boho inspirations?


So I am still in the midst of picking out a paint colour for my room. Can you guys give me a suggestion as to which colour do you think would be best?


Let me show you the gallery to my room’s entrance:







The LED lights that I am using here are from Amazon. I will show you which ones I am using in case you guys are interested!





They’re gorgeous, and so so bright!! I am literally in love with them!!!!


This, to be really honest with you, is just 3% of my entire decor. I am still thinking of the paint for my room. It’s gonna be a hugeeee makeover!!! Stay tuned to find out more! In the meantime, I would loveeee your take on it, and I am soo open to suggestions at the moment!!! So pleaseeeeee, pour in your ideas!!!!!!


Love you guys!! <3