I am not even exaggerating!! Seriously!!! It’s like a christmas miracle or something, you know?

Ok..so i was looking for a top coat. And usually, i get mine from The Face Shop, or i usually use the ones by Essie/OPI/Sally Hansen.

But for a change, i went into Etude House!! And saw this “gel” topcoat they had on display. I tried it, and instantly was smitten by the effect! Like i am not even kidding!!!




It’s a gel coat, that basically gives you a gel-like effect! You can totally use your normal nail polish..and get that effect in seconds!! You don’t even need any solar source! How cool is that!!!


I will quickly show you the difference between a normal top coat from OPI, and Etude House’s Gel Coat!





Do you see the difference? It’s so significant!!!!




Now, i only bought their top coat, which by the way, retails for around $6 at Etude House. They do have a base coat as well, and in fact, it is recommended that one should use the base coat to go along with this top coat! I’ll definitely purchase it once my current  base coat!


So…in a nutshell:


  • Gives a gel like effect in fraction of the cost, and time.
  • Gives a very suede look to your nail.
  • cheap



  • NIL.


So i would definitely recommend this product to everyone out there!! :)