My manager just told me I look pretty today. Well, it’s safe to say: She must be dying. But she also accused me of not listening to whatever the fuck she was talking about.

Alright guys! How are you doing??? :) Today I am going to be talking to you guys about something super pretty and cute. (No, it’s totally gross.)

So we are gonna be talking about Mucus…of an Escargot.


Well, waitttt, before you start being oh-so judgemental, wait..!!! I didn’t actually go all out and kidnapped a snail, and gave it lots of ice-cream, just so that he would have flu, and would start sneezing, and hence me obtaining the mucus, NOOO!!! Of course not! The Koreans are busy doing that. Apparently.

I actually bought a cream, which contains mucus of an escargot, from The Face Shop.




And it just doesn’t contain the mucus, but it also claims to contain 24k Gold flakes!! Pretty impressive eh? I will show you how the back looks like:




As you can see, the main function of this night cream is for a radiant complexion. And I have been using this cream for about 3 weeks now, and I have to admit, THE DIFFERENCE IS PROMINENT!!! It really is!! My skin feels sooo rosy and radiant in the morning!! I absolutely love it!! Let me show you how it actually looks like:




So as you can see, it is a gel based night cream. And it does contain gold flakes too, as you can see!!! So pretty legit claims, i gotta say.



– Really gives a glowing skin. Effect is almost instant!
-very light, and hence making it suitable for all skin types.
– made with natural ingredients
– moisturising effect.



– Really really expensive. I got this product for $100. O_o