Ok…so we have all been through this vicious cycle of dating the wrong men, am I right, ladies? I have too!! I have got a list of such annoying people that I ended up dating. Just to name a few:

1. There was once I dated a guy who was literally an asshole. He was much older than me (and normally, people would think that older men are more mature), but oh no,, being mature wasn’t in his agenda. He had so many issues. And mood swings, not to mention. OMG…it was like I was dating a girl on PMS. I might as well be a lesbian, you know? So, once what happened was, there was a funeral of one of his relatives going on, and he sent me a picture of it, saying, “OMG…look at these bunch of losers!! They are crying LOOOOL!” Welll…….O_O…That was the RED FLAG!!


2. Another guy I dated was an emotional wreck. If I tell you guys that he cried more than a new born baby wails and cries, would that help? He had so so much of baggage. It was like waterworks…from the eyes..and it wasn’t pretty!


3. Another dude I went on a date with was so lame! I mean, he would just keep eating sweets and mints to keep his breath fresh as though, out of nowhere, I would just hop onto him, and kiss him. Eeew? There was no way that was gonna happen. Sigh.


So basically, yes, I did get my share of weird men, but heyyy, it all pays after a while. I mean, I started realising what kind of guys am I not interested in. And that’s when I met the right guy, whom I have been with for almost 15 months now. So, ladies, just be patient!! That knight in the shining armour is arriving…he’s on his way…give him some time.


And now you would be thinking, why am I talking about men all of a sudden!! Coz…you guys, I read a hilarious book!!!!!



It’s called, “Dating The Wrong Men” and it’s by Kelly Rossi.

Gosh!! Ok..If i wanna summarise my review in one sentence, that would be, “This is the must have book and how I wish this book had been around when I was dating… it would have helped me so much!!!!!”

Literally ladies!!! This book has alllllll sorts of stories..Frogs…to worms..to Knights…all kind of men are discussed and written in this book!! It’s so freaking helpful. I am gonna be keeping this book close to my heart, and gift it to my daughter when she starts dating men.

The author, Kelly, wrote all these stories based on her true experiences, and that’s what makes this book hilarious!! Because we all know how true each and every single thing is!!! :p

I can assure you guys that this book will keep you hooked!! HOOOOOKED!!! Literally!! :p I completed this book within 3 nights, and that says a lot!!!


My rating for this book is: 4.7/5

Hope you give it a try, and if you did, let me know what you think of it? Do you guys have any weird dating stories? :p