Welcome to my site! I am so glad you finally found me! Where were you all this while? I was waiting for you..(totally creepy, I get it!!).

Well, I am a 24-year old girl from Singapore, who is a fashion aficionado. I love styles, and love styling. I am a graduate from London School Of Economics and I am a mathematics/chemistry lecturer.

By no means am I a fashion blogger. I blog about anything, and if you’ve been on my blog for long enough, you would know that my sense of humour is totally fucked up and my sarcasm is highly inappropriate. I’m offensive. All I’m saying is that, my therapist would really save a lot of time by just reading this blog. With that…WELCOME TO ANSHUL’S CLOSET!!!!!


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For companies who would like me to review their products, or for any other business related queries, please email me at anshulbhrgv@gmail.com