Hello everyone! First of all, I would like to begin with wishing everyone of you a Happy New Year!! What are your new year’s resolutions? Or rather, affirmations?

My first affirmation, or rather resolution is to clear away all the clutter in my wardrobe. You know what was my number 1 problem? I would just buy and buy and buy, never thinking twice, if I needed it, or merely wanted it? And because of that, I’ve wasted so so much of my time, money and space. So what I am going to do is, to basically donate all the stuff that I do not need.


With that being said, I have one suggestion. Always go for quality, rather than quantity. Invest in good quality bags, shoes, and clothes.

I was on one of my favorite online stores, Zalora as they were having their annual sales, and guess what i came across? SALE!!! For COACH, you guys!! Coach Singapore!!! 


And they have such a massive collection! Let me show you some of my favourites!!


A good leather trench coat is a must!! At least to me, it’s a timeless piece, that is never ever going to go out of style, no matter what. And this is why I opted for a dark black colour, because it can pretty much go with every colour, every style, every outfit. Christmas sparkly dress? Yes! An LBD? Yep! A smart casual outfit? Certainly it will go with that too! So you see, investing in such pieces is going to bring you a lifetime of use.


Another thing that I love to invest in are handbags. I am a sucker for good quality handbags!!! Why? Simply because they are literally going to be there forever, for you. And they pretty much make or break an outfit, you get what I mean?


Now, when it comes to selecting handbags, I personally hate monogram prints. I just find them downright tacky. I like classy pieces, straight on leather, with minimal detailing. Why? Because they’re timeless, and they’re never going to go out of style.


Another thing I like to take in consideration is the colour of the handbags. I usually go for neutral colours, because, well, rocket science! Right? I will show you my picks!




So guys, these were my picks! And the point of all this is to tell you quality over quantity anytime of the day. Avoid wastage, step your game up, and stop having clutters of things you do not need. I hope this post was helpful, and I would love to hear your point of view on this! Thank you, and take care! Happy New Year, once again!