It is the time of the year again!!! Ok, it is still November, but don’t you guys think that this year has passed really really quickly? 11/12th of the year is over!! OVER!! And just like how the entire year passed by in a blink of an eye, November, too, will pass by quickly, and then it would be December!!

And this is when people would get their Wake Up call and start rushing for their Christmas shopping. They will buy anything and everything, just for the same of it. I mean, really, what is that about, right?

Today I am going to be sharing with you some of my gift ideas that you can purchase for your loved ones this Christmas. Of course, my go-to stores are always the online stores, but a word of precaution though, try to place your order in November itself, so that you’re able to receive them on time.

I went onto Zalora, and I was pretty impressed by how they have categorized their gift selection. I mean, if this is seriously not convenient, then I do not know what else is!!
Let me show you what I mean!


So as you can see, the gifts are divided by categories, and this just makes Christmas shopping extremely convenient. So as promised, I am going to be showing you my picks for this Christmas!

For Her

Now, let’s get real, it is just so so so easy to shop for women! I mean, there is just so so much to choose from. Clothes, bags, shoes, perfumes, watches, accessories, etc! SO SO MANY options!! It’s just a matter of knowing their taste, and once you do, you will hit the bull’s eye, every single time, when you purchase gifts for women.









As easy as it is to buy gifts for women, I feel that it is equally difficult to buy gifts for men. I mean, we are just given such limited scope now, aren’t we? I mean, with the basics thought, we can’t really go wrong, can we?









So these were my picks for my loved ones. And I do highly suggest you to check online for more ideas of course. And if possible, do try to purchase your gifts online, as it really saves the hassle of going out there to buy gifts. I hope this guide was useful to you guys. Please do tell me if you have any other suggestions! I hope to talk to you later, and have a great week ahead!!