Hi guys!! Hope you’re doing well, and I know thanksgiving just got over and this means that Christmas and New Year is round the corner!!! Have you guys decided on what you’re going to wear? I am like super super confused! And do you know why is that so? Because there are just way too many websites to buy from!! Gosh!!! So, I am going to be showing you a few of my picks, and possibly something I might just wear for christmas!!! So let’s begin!!


The first is this red dress. I think it is just so so gorgeous! And I mean, if this doesn’t scream glamour or christmas, then I don’t know what else does!!! It’s just gorgeous!!!! Aint it?

Buy it here.

This next dress that I am about to show is another red dress. This year, it has been all about hi-low dresses! And this is just one of the examples!!! It’s subtle, but yet such a statement in itself!! Gorgeous, right?


Buy it here.


I don’t know about you guys, but mint green is such a gorgeous shade for dresses, don’t you think? And it’s so ideal for christmas, because it will make you just shine out, you know? I love it’s perfect short length. A pair of killer heels, and you’re a style icon!!

Buy it here.

Aren’t these dresses just gorgeous? Of course, these 3 are just a few from the hundreds available! Do check out more of such dresses here: http://www.jddresses.co.uk/uk-prom-dresses-c47/

And lastly, this dress below is my most favourite, for the fact that it is subtle and yet sexy! Doesn’t it remind you of The Black Swan? Such a mystery, no?

Get it at http://www.jddresses.co.uk/uk-evening-dresses-c22/

So tell me, which was your favourite? Did you like any one of them? Which was your favourite? And what are you planning to wear this christmas?