Hi guys!! I don’t say it enough, but I love Tarte Cosmetics! I mean, let’s be honest here, I have never seen any girl who doesn’t like Tarte! Seriously!! Everytime I enter a Sephora store, I always always always head to the Tarte counter!! Am I the only one? No, RIGHT??? COME ON..I am pretty sure I am not!!!

But you know guys, Tarte is really expensive here in Singapore! And it can cost a bit of a dent on your wallet. But, of course, with that being said, I am aware that there are websites where you can find cheaper Tarte beauty products online.

But nonetheless….I am going to be sharing some of my personal Tarte picks with you, along with their dupes, if you’re looking for cheaper alternatives!!!!! :)


  1. PURE MARACUJA OIL- vs BIO OILUntitledSo I love this MARACUJA oil!!! Literally, it delivers what it promises!!! I definitely have a smoother, firmer and brighter looking skin. It’s a little expensive though, I am not gonna lie. But I would suggest you a really good dupe for it, and that would be Bio Oil! It works equally well, and it costs a fraction of the price!

  2. CHEEK STAIN- vs BODY SHOP LIP & CHEEK STAINUntitled1These Tarte cheek stains are literally to die for! Now, let me just be clear here…I HATE BENEFIT CHEEK STAINS. I don’t know why, they’re just so so meh!! The colour pay off is horrible! But these Tarte cheek stains are to die for!!! LITERALLY!! But then again, they costs millions of dollars. Ok, maybe not millions. But here, it costs $56 for one cheek stain! So lame!!! But I found another dupe from the Body Shop, and it only costs $28! Half the price!! So worth it!! 
  3. LIP STAIN vs JUST BITTEN KISSESUntitled2I am a fan of anything matte!! And since I am a lazy girl, and a girl who doesn’t like to touch up her make-up, I prefer wearing a lip stain to a lipstick. Yes, though it can be a little drying to the lips, but if you use enough lip balm prior to the application of the lipstain, then it wouldn’t cause much dryness. But then again, it costs a bomb here in singapore. I mean, Tarte ones, that is! $45 for 1 lip stain!! CRAZYYY!! Sooo…a dupe would be one by Revlon,  and it only costs $18. So much cheaper, innit?
    So…these are my 3 picks from Tarte Cosmetics. I am not kidding guys, but I adore Tarte. It’s just that it can be really expensive at times, and well…that’s not really good for my wallet or bank account. So..what does a girl do? Obviously look for alternatives! Ha!


    I hope this post helped you, and I would love to know your dupes!! Love you all, and have a great week ahead!! Toodles!