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Teddy & Friend Cafe

It’s a friday!!! Which means…weekend has arrived!!! And this means (well, at least for me!!), this means I’ll be all brunchin’ over the weekend! I am a foodie (Let’s get real, EVERYONE IS!!!!!). but I’m also very particular when it comes to food.

For one, I hate starbucks. There, I said it!! I SAID IT!! They can’t even get my name right.

How about I spell YOUR name wrong, Stahrbux. hmm??How about I pronounce it wrong, too, huh? You like that? How does that feel, Stlerbecks?


But being a coffee lover (pretty evident from my signature), I love finding new coffee joints to hang out at. And a few days ago, I came across what you would deem as “OMG..such a cute cafe!!!”, (That is, if you’re Mr Bean’s fan! And you should be, I think everyone is…right? RIGHT??).

What I especially loved about this cafe was the fact that they went in the extra mile to actually theme every single thing, including the cushions, the mugs, the tiles, the wallpaper, etc! And also, it was EMPTY!! EMPTY!!! (Yay????)

Let me first show you the interiors, and then I will show you the food we got!




I mean, if you look up too, they’ve got the flag of England as well.



And on each table, there was a personal i-pad where you could watch your Mr Bean cartoons, stacked up with super cute cushion covers.



Such a cosy atmosphere that was!! Just perfect to spend you weekend tea time at! So what we (again, I was with my brother!) did was ordered a slice of their Rainbow crepe cake, a hot chocolate (apparently they are “famous” for it!) and a white chocolate macchiato.




a) Presentation: 4/5! I love how they made Mr bean’s face using the chocolate powder! Very good!
b) Taste: 3.8/5. Again, I absolutely loved the coffee. IT was delicious. However, not the best! Another thing they could have improved on was to make it hot. (I love hot coffees, they have to be reallllly hot!!)
c) Price: 1/5. Yep. Overly priced!! This cup size costed me an obnoxious amount of $8!! Can you believe their audacity? And oh yes, this is the largest size they have! “LARGEST”. Pathetic!

This next one is the Rainbow Crepe Cake


a) Presentation: 4/5! I love how they made Teddy’s face using the chocolate powder! Very good! So instagram worthy! (Yet I didn’t bother to!)
b) Taste: 2.2/5. Bleh. It was ohhh-kay! I have tasted much better crepe cakes before! This just tasted cheap and overly processed!
c) Price: 0.5/5. Yep. EXTREMELY Overpriced!! A RIP-OFF, I would say!!!! This stupid slice costed me an obnoxious amount of $10!! WTFuckery is that all about?

So, my overall experience at Teddy & Friends was Poor!!! I give it an overall rating of 2/5! Overly priced, and the food isn’t even that delicious! Skip!!! Just skip this cafe, and burn your money elsewhere!!

Outback Steakhouse Singapore

It would be an understatement if I tell you guys how much of a foodie I am! I love exploring different types of eateries, cafes and joints. In fact, I am actually planning to open up a restaurant of my own soon!! Really really soon!! I will keep you guys involved in this, really soon!! :)

Ok, so now, coming back to this steakhouse I went to over the weekend. I won’t lie but steakhouse intimidate me, you guys. Be it the steak, the large portions of food, or the messy dips, THEY JUST INTIMIDATE ME!!!

But despite that, we (I went with my brother) decided to casually walk in. It was a friday, and it was noon. And I was surprised to see that it wasn’t at all crowded. I mean, normally those are the peak hours of restaurants, no? That was a yay-point for me, as I hate HATE HATEEE dining in crowded places. (I think I might be CLAUSTROPHOBIC!!!)


So..ok..let me share with you some photographs, with their respective reviews.


Photo 23-1-15 12 26 30


We decided to get ourselves some cherry Limeade. It was DELICIOUS!!! Like seriously, I am not even kidding, but it’s one of the best drinks I’ve ever tasted!!!


Photo 23-1-15 12 35 14

It had mint leaves, lots of cherries, lemon, and was icy cold!! Super delicious!! I personally give this drink a rating of 5/5. Literally the most perfect drink I’ve ever tasted.


And that’s the black bread that they served is called, “Bushman Bread”. It has subtle flavour of honey, coffee, cocoa (but it wasn’t actually sweet!). It is their signature bread, or so I believe. It came with a serving of butter, and I must say, it was really really delicious, and hard from the outside, but soft from the inside! I give it a rating of 4/5.

And then, we ordered soup, and our starters.

Photo 23-1-15 12 39 05

It was their soup of their day! Chicken pieces, with vegetables and lots of onions. God, it was delicious!!!! I absolutely loved it!!! I give it a rating of 4/5 as well.

And for the starters, I was really looking forward to these cheese fries. REALLY REALLY looking forward to trying them:

Photo 23-1-15 12 45 25

Needless to say, they disappointed me. They come with Tartar sauce (my favourite dip with fries), but they were really disappointing. The cheese was all dried up, and it was somewhat tasteless (until we sprinkled a bit of salt onto them!). My definition of cheese fries are those wet cheese fries where the cheese is oozing out…OH SO PERFECT…!!! Nonetheless, they really disappointed me, but I’ll give them a generous rating of 2.3/5.

And the last starter we ordered were chicken wings:

Photo 23-1-15 12 45 32

The claims that this dish was making were pretty high! “Chicken Wings tossed in our SECRET spices with our Blue Cheese dressing and celery. “. We has an option of choosing between “mild”, “medium” and “hot”. So obviously being a chilli fanatic, we chose “hot”. And once again, it was extremely disappointing. I give is a rating of 1.7/5!! They were so dry, and the blue cheese tasted nothing like blue cheese. At one point I was even confused as to whether it was blue cheese or tartar sauce. I would say, Skip these if you’re there!

And now, let’s move on to the main courses. Since there were just 2 of us, I will only be able to show you 2 main courses. I wish I could show you guys more though!!


Photo 23-1-15 13 04 29

This one above of the main  course that I ordered. I am not exactly a steak person, so I chose to get this wood fire-grilled chicken breast instead, topped up with shrimps and their tomato herb sauce. It is called “Toowoomba Chicken”. And well I have to confess, it was delicious!! The chicken breast was juicy, flavourful and succulent. And the vegetables side it came with was my favourite! I love boiled veggies (I’m a creep like that!), and they had just so so many vegetables!! Just perfect!! I give it a rating for 4/5! 


Photo 23-1-15 13 05 44

And this was the 2nd main course we ordered. These are called Black Pepper Steak bites (we opted for medium rare). And though I did not eat this, I can tell you that they were really flavourful and juicy! In fact, when I asked my brother to rate them, he gave these steakbites a generous rating of 3.9/5 (He’s a huge critic when it comes to food, and only loves high quality, delicious food!).


So overall, I would describe my experience as enjoyable, and would definitely go back again! I give this restaurant a rating of 4/5! It’s good, and I would definitely be visiting there again.

Price: Our total bill amounted to $150 for 2 people. (not good for my wallet!)