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My Love Affair with John

Hi everyone! How are you doing?

So..guess what? I am a total slut!!

..Well..don’t get me wrong..I mean, not in THAT way.. you know? It’s like, I have a boyfriend, and I am very happy with him, but, yet I am in love with some John. John…someone special. I mean, he literally saved my life!!!!! And I owe him love, you know what I mean?


Oh and did I mention by life, I mean…hair?? Yes!! He saved my hair! Now, I am not gonna lie, but I have a habit of constantly colouring my hair. One time they’re orange, and the next time you see me, they’ll be red. So, I constantly colour my hair, basically. And due to that, my hair got badly damaged!!!!! That’s right, y’all!!

So i was on a quest of reviving my hair. I’ve used plenty of products. In fact, in the past month or so, I have reviewed hair serums and leave-ons. Today, I am going to be reviewing something else. Something really essential to my hair care regime. And that is a conditioner. Exactly.

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That’s right, y’all! I am going to be talking about John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease Straight Ahead Conditioner.

I have been using it for about 2 months now, so it’s safe to say that I can finally give my take on this!


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  1. How Do I Use It:
    - After shampooing my hair, I usually apply this conditioner as a mask on my hair for about 5 minutes, and then wash it off.
  2. How Often Do I Use This:
    Twice a week.
  3. Pros:
    Hair will instantly become softer.
    – Overtime, I have noticed that the texture of my hair is smoother, and they’ve become more manageable.
    – Smells amazing!
    – Hair become less frizzy. (Trust me, it works wonder!!)
  4. Cons:
    None at all!!
  5. Rating:

So guys, my verdict is: BUY IT!! IT WORKS WONDERS!!!!!

Clean Face- Mild Toner by The Face Shop

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who sent over words of kindness to me. You have absolutely no idea how much each and every single encouragement lifted me up. You know it’s funny right how sometimes, just one sentence of yours can make someone’s day? So thank you all!! <3 And today, I am back with another post. And today is going to be a beauty post.

Due to work stress, I was suffering from breakouts for like the last 6 months or so! And believe me, I tried all sorts of products I could find off the shelves to combat my breakouts! Until one fine day, 2 months ago, I decided to change my toner.

Now, let me first tell you, prior to this toner that I am going to be talking about, I used to use a toner from Eucerin. I had no complaints, really, with it.

But..but i was desperate to get rid of my breakouts…and so I decided to try this toner, below.



So I got this from The Face Shop. And I believe it retails for SGD 36 (USD 30).

So it isn’t exactly cheap for a toner. Mind you, Eucerin Toner costs less that SGD20 (USD16) here.

But what attracted me to this toner was the fact that it contains tea-tree oil, and well, the tall claims it possesses.


Anyone would have bought it, right?? RIGHTTTTTTTT???? :(

Now, I have used it for about 2 months or so..and it’s safe to say that I can review about this toner now! Before I go on doing so, let me just quickly show you the ingredients it contains:



  • Indeed, it is mild, and it doesn’t sting the eyes like other drugstore toners to (Neutrogena, I am talking about you!!!!!).
  • Definitely appropriate for acne-prone skin.
  • Suitable for oily-skinned beauties.
  • Does help in clearing up excess sebum!
  • Sexy Packaging


  • May not be so suitable for dry-skin. I have really dry skin btw, and this used to make my skin a little more drier.
  • I am not sure if it really does contain tea tree oil, as it doesn’t even have tea tree oil’s fragrance.
  • Doesn’t work as “quickly” as it’s claiming.
  • Too pricey.
  • It contains alcohol.


VERDICT: It’s just another-toner. Don’t waste your money on getting this when you can get a product that does the same job, in HALF the price!

Thank you so much for reading! Have you used this toner before? Which one do you use? And do you have any tips to battle and combat breakouts?