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Wre-re-recking Ba-a-all

Ok so hi! :) This post is going to be a little different. I am going to give you my take on the new music Video, Wrecking Ball, by miley cyrus.

So first off, how many of you have watched it? Nope? Never? Go and watch it!! It’s… Nudity.. Literally she’s nude, and having oral sex with objects.




Now, clearly I wasn’t turned on, which I’m happy about because this means I’m straight. So… People who think I’m not, WELL IN YOUR FACE!

OK but jokes apart, there are a lot of dislikes on the video. Why?’

Because omgggggggod Hannah Montana is nudeeeeee and omgggggggod now my parents don’t allow me to watch her videos.

Ok, seriously? Is that what your life is all about? Very hypocritical. I mean, let’s get real, this is 2013!! To make a music video a hit here, either you have to look like a 15-year old guy, or you gotta get nude.

Look at lady gaga’s videos. Not a single video that she is dressed decently. Even Katy Perry too. Did you watch, California Girls? Wasn’t she nude too? Sooo? Why bashing Miley Cyrus now?

And I’m not even a fan of her. But i can tell you, that she has an amazing voice. She doesn’t need auto tune at all. And that’s talent. Appreciate that. And this nudity part, we all know she’s trying to shake off her Hannah Montana image and she’s trying wayyy too hard, we get it.

But ha, if I had a body like her, and i was a pop star, i would go nude, yes. Because that’s what’s gonna get me hits. In today’s age. Where music isn’t appreciated.

Now, if you look beyond the nudity, which I did, because I hadn’t watched the video, I actually liked the song. It was a very sad, heart breaking song. And you could see it in her eyes too, if you beyond the nudity.

But then again, thats my opinion. The whole world is going Cray Cray over this music video, until they even approached her dad, and asked for his opinion.

Guess what he said? ‘I don’t care if she’s wearing a fennel shirt or nothing. The music is good and I’m proud of her!’

Is he a good dad? Supporting his girl? You think so? but then again, the meaning of a ‘good’ dad will change. It’ll now mean that a dad is good if he supports his daughter’s decisions of getting nude in public.

So i dont think he’s a good dad but, I’ll give him the benefit of doubt that he is looking from a musician’s point of view.

And this is what Miley says about the video,

‘if people can only go beyond the video, and look at how emotional this song means to me, and look at the genuine sadness in my eyes. ‘

(clearly she was referring to her breakup with Liam Hemsworth)

So here’s my final take.. Yes miley, of you want people to do that, here’s a million dollar idea, why not wear clothes?

I absolutely have no problems with her becoming nude. Her body, her decisions.
Yes it was unnecessary. But I’m not gonna be a hypocrite like the rest of the world and bash her just because she’s nude. The lyrics were good and so was her voice.

Rapist Discovers His Victim Has HIVs

So this is a really humorous news I read this morning.


Now I’ll give you the background information of what exactly happened.

So this bloke, Richard Thomas, from the UK, broke into his female friend’s house while she was unconscious and he raped her. Now remember, she takes pills to sleep, so in the whole process, she isn’t aware if she’s being raped.

And so Richard knew that and that’s when he decided to commit this rape.

So long story cut short, he is now waiting for his HIV results. The female patient is HIV positive and when she found out about the rape, she was all like, ‘Its his fault, he got himself into this.’

When Richard did find out about her being HIV positive, he immediately collapsed.

Now here’s my take. It’s a very ironic situation. In fact, he actually deserves it. Karma is a bitch, innit? So really, who is the victim now?

This was a hilarious start to my morning. I’ll keep you updated about whether he really contracted HIV or not!!

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