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Christmas Dresses

Hi guys!! Hope you’re doing well, and I know thanksgiving just got over and this means that Christmas and New Year is round the corner!!! Have you guys decided on what you’re going to wear? I am like super super confused! And do you know why is that so? Because there are just way too many websites to buy from!! Gosh!!! So, I am going to be showing you a few of my picks, and possibly something I might just wear for christmas!!! So let’s begin!!


The first is this red dress. I think it is just so so gorgeous! And I mean, if this doesn’t scream glamour or christmas, then I don’t know what else does!!! It’s just gorgeous!!!! Aint it?

Buy it here.

This next dress that I am about to show is another red dress. This year, it has been all about hi-low dresses! And this is just one of the examples!!! It’s subtle, but yet such a statement in itself!! Gorgeous, right?


Buy it here.


I don’t know about you guys, but mint green is such a gorgeous shade for dresses, don’t you think? And it’s so ideal for christmas, because it will make you just shine out, you know? I love it’s perfect short length. A pair of killer heels, and you’re a style icon!!

Buy it here.

Aren’t these dresses just gorgeous? Of course, these 3 are just a few from the hundreds available! Do check out more of such dresses here: http://www.jddresses.co.uk/uk-prom-dresses-c47/

And lastly, this dress below is my most favourite, for the fact that it is subtle and yet sexy! Doesn’t it remind you of The Black Swan? Such a mystery, no?

Get it at http://www.jddresses.co.uk/uk-evening-dresses-c22/

So tell me, which was your favourite? Did you like any one of them? Which was your favourite? And what are you planning to wear this christmas?

Add Colours This Season- An Intro On Colour Analysis

I’ll be honest with you, I am very daring when it comes to colours and patterns. I love experimenting with various colour palettes, seeing, which colour is best for me. I don’t know whether you guys know about Colour Analysis? But it’s basically where you analyse which colour best suits you. They take everything in consideration, from your hair colour to your complexion to your eye colour. And from there, they would tell you which colours would look best on you, and which would look bad. Also, this analysis also tells you whether you should opt for gold or silver.


So it’s a pretty interesting concept. Have you guys ever receive compliments saying, “Omg your dress is so pretty!”, or “Omg, what a gorgeous blouse!”.. Well,do you take that as a compliment?

Honestly, you shouldn’t!!

I am serious! See, this is why a colour analysis is necessary. The moment you get the right colours for yourself, that is when remarks like, “Omg, you look gorgeous!”, “Omg you’re looking really pretty!!” kind of comments will start coming in.


Do you see the difference? Then, the focus will no longer be on the dress, but rather on you. The dress would just be there to compliment you!

Now guys, these are just some of the things that I wanted to let you know, because more than often, I see a lot of people opting for colours that don’t even suit them! -_-

Well, of course, if you do want more information on how colour analysis works, I could write more on it. Just let me know, and it’ll be right here!


So, for my skin tone (medium), hair colour (Brunette), and eye colour(Brown), the colours that look best on me are apparently, “Royal purple”, “grey”, “white” and “green”.


So I have paired up with Tidebuy, and picked out some dresses that would suit me, according to colour analysis. Btw, once again, if you really do want to know about colour analysis, let me know, and I could do an elaborated post on it.


Stunning A-Line Bateau Neck Sequins Embroidery Long Prom Dress

Buy it here!

Vintage Bateau Neck Sequined Appiques A-Line Short Sleeves Long Prom Dress

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 A-Line Beading Floral Print Criss-Cross Straps Floor-Length Prom Dress

Buy it here!


Of course, with that being said, these are just some of the dresses I picked out. If you are interested in more of their dresses, do visit http://www.tidebuy.com/c/Prom-Dresses-2015-104286/