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My Foundation IS NOT WRONG!!!! + Piercings

Okay..now the most commented comment (what?) on my blog is, “Girl, your foundation is a little too light.”

Thank you for your feedback, but sadly, it’s not true, because, i will tell you why:

1. I have never used foundation in my life ever before.

2. I dont know how to use it!! I dont even know what colour i am!

3. I use moisturizer mostly (Garnier Lemon) or occassionally Etude House’s BB Cream.

So…here’s further explanation….plus a little bit about my piercing.. O_o



Near-Death Experience.

Okay this post is by no means exaggeration, as many may have suggested. This is the kind of post that will leave tear stains on your pillow, and a strand of endless sleepless nights. VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED.