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Tastiest Iced Coffee Recipe

Hi Guys. I know I dont elaborate enough on my love for coffee, especially iced coffee, but today I am going to be sharing a very simple recipe with you, and believe me, you are going to love this iced coffee. It’s so so easy to make, and oh so delicious!!!!!!!




  • Coffee Powder (You could use any coffee, even instant coffee!)
  • Sugar- to taste
  • Milk- Full cream, or skimmed milk
  • Lots of ice


So, what I like to do first is make my coffee mixture in advance. So to do that, I take hot boiling water, and add in my coffee powder and just leave it in the fridge for about 6-7 hours!!!! Yes, OVERNIGHT!! Make loads of it in advance!!!!



This mixture should last you for about a week or so, depending on how often you drink coffee!!



So now, what you have to do every afternoon is…

1. Fill your cup/mug with lots of ice!



2. Add in your coffee mixture!



3. Add milk!





3. Add Sugar



4. Stir it up and enjoyyyy




I hope you guys enjoyed this yummylicious recipe!! Let me know your recipe of making iced coffee!! Would sooo love to know!! :)

Tastiest Hot Chocolate – With just 3 Ingredients!!

Am i the only one who wants to watch an old Disney movie, while drinking hot chocolate and ignore life and everyone and everything? It’s cold..and nothing beats a hot chocolate! HOT CHOCOLATES ARE A WAY OF LIFE!!! And life’s too short for a cup of bad hot chocolate.

So I am going to be telling my super easy recipe for the tastiest hot chocolate you’ll ever taste.

What you need:

1. Hershey’s Unsweetened Cocoa Powder- 3 tbsps

2. Full Cream Milk (you could also choose skim milk)- 2 cups

3. Sugar – To taste

4. Marshmallows (*Optional)

5. Peppermint Oil or Candy Canes (*optional)

(makes 2 cups of hot chocolate); Preparation Time: 1 minute; Cooking Time: 10 minutes


1. Take a saucepan, Add in some raw milk, chocolate powder



2. At this point, you’ll notice that the chocolate powder will form lumps and won’t dissolve as readily. Don’t worry, because we are gonna bring this whole thing to a boil ;)



3. Boil until bubbles start forming. It takes less than 5 minutes for it to come to a boil. Trust me, there is nothing better than boiling hot chocolate in this world!!!!



4. Now…switch off the stove..and DON’t taste it YET! You’ll burn your mouth!! (We are talking about 3rd degree burns!!!)..Let it cool down, and take some boiled milk (or skim milk), and add to that “boiled chocolate”.



5. Your hot chocolate is ready to be served in some cute ceramic mugs! Here, you could choose to add marshmallows, or peppermint oil (if you’re mood for some minty chocolate!)



So try this simple, quick and easy recipe out, and tell me how it turned out? Do you have a secret hot chocolate ingredient? Share it in the comments below! I love hearing from you beautiful people, and you know that!! ;) <3