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Google History You Don’t Want To Find!

So yes, you can’t hide from this. We all know that you google the random-est things on google…so random, and so secretive that you do not want others to find out. Yes, I am talking about you! I mean, let’s get real, if I asked you to show me your google history, YOU WOULD IMMEDIATELY PLAY DEAD…unless you’re boring, which in that case, what’s wrong with you?

So I have compiled some of the weirdest google history that you would NEVER want to find out on your boyfriend’s/brother’s/colleague’s/DAD’s computer/phone.

So…let’s begin:

  • killing+and+eating+kittens
  • what+does+ genital +herpes+look+like+male+shaft
  • wanting+to+experiment+homosexuality
  • heroin+adverse+effects
  • steps+towards+becoming+transgender
  • am+I+gay+how+to+know
  • dumping+girlfriend+how+to+not+hurt+feelings
  • telling+girlfriend+you+are+gay+how+to
  • cheating+without+caught+tricks
  • meth+recipes
  • porn+addiction+hiding+from+girlfriend
  • craigslist+casual+hookups+over70
  • cleaning+my+detachable+penis
  • how+to+kill+puppy+and+girlfriend

So…Whhy wait for people to reveal their secrets, when they’re just a little trip to Google Chrome away?


QUESTION OF THE DAY: Comment in below the weirdest thing YOU have googled before or seen on someone’s google history! I won’t judge you, I promise! Let’s make it fun!

You Have A Phoney Personality!

Ok…SOOO, another rant!!! And this one is about the ALL-FAMOUS “Personality Tests”

(My emergency contact is the pizza delivery guy, in case you’re wondering why I am the way I am.)


Okay…So how is it that the people who answer “online personality tests” are the ones that have the least personality? I just don’t get why these tests are becoming so popular lately!!

I mean, the questions are usually about your sexual preference, favourite foods (out of a list of 4, since there are clearly only 4 types of food in the universe and you must like one of them!), questions about how many times you’ve cheated in a relationship, and several other necessary questions with no relevance to anything. AT ALL.


Then based on your response, you get catergorised into a certain celebrity. Fucking Stupid!!!!!

For example, there’s a popular quiz called “Which F.R.I.E.N.D.S Character are you?”

News flash: you’re not a F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ character!! Posting the results of some stupid online test isn’t going to make you seem interesting or unique, it’s going to make you look like a phoney dumbass.

And by chance, even if you match the personality of one of the characters from FRIENDS, you’re not a millionaire and probably never will be, so nobody cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Your Personality Rating

You’re A:

*drum rolls*


Oops! You answered questions for another stupid online personality test. Maybe posting the results on facebook will make people overlook the fact that you’ve got a personality of a dustbin. Why go through the trouble of writing about yourself, when you can simply post the results of a test that compares you to a celebrity instead??? Everyone knows celebrities have a lot in common with bedwetting losers who do online personality tests, AND NEVERMIND THE FACT THAT IT IS IRRELEVANT AND POINTLESS, people need to know which Backstreet Boy/U2/Lim Bizkit band member you’re most similar to. No really, we give a shit.