Hello Everyone!!! Lately, I have been enjoying my time off-blogging. I, by no means, have given up blogging, like a few of you have asked!

I love blogging, and interacting with you guys is the best part about blogging!

So let me promise you that I will continue to blog. In fact, I have a few posts waiting in my drafts folder already!!! So, without further ado, let’s begin the life hacks you’ll ever need (For this summer!!!).



1. Use Frozen Grapes to chill your juices and wine- It’s fairly simple, just freeze the grapes in the freezer for about 10 hours, and voila!!!

Turn Frozen Grapes into "Ice Cubes" for Red Wine


2. Freeze your leftover coffee into ice cubes – I personally swear by this hack!!!

Freeze Your Leftover Coffee into Ice Cubes


3. Freeze lemon juice for Iced Tea – Works Wonders!!!!!

Freeze Lemon Juice for Iced Tea


4. Store your ice-cream in a plastic bag to keep it soft and ready to serve.

Store your ice cream in a plastic bag to keep it soft and ready to serve.


5. Baby Powder- Use it as a dry shampoo!


6. Fill some waffle cones with delicious fruit salad..have some whipped cream on the side to dip your fruits & enjoy!!

party fruit in waffle cones {cutes for a bbq}


7. Try Milk and Cookies Ice Cubes for that extra “oomph”!

Milk and Cookie Ice Cubes


So these are all the hacks I’ve got for you for now!! I’ll be sure to share more with you in the coming days!! Let me know your hacks that you swear by? <3 Take care, and toodles!