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What Have I Been Upto?

Hello gorgeous people! I know that I have been gone for almost a few weeks or more. There has been so so much going on in my life, and I realised it would be really unfair, if I don’t fill you in with what’s happening in my life at the moment.

So let’s take a time machine back to Jan of this year. Remember how I was telling you guys that I really wanted to quit my previous job because, well, you just need to sometimes, when you realise that your time is up. I mean, I always believe that to reach somewhere, you need to leave something behind. It’s best to leave those things at the right time otherwise you would be left with too many grudges, complaints and regrets.

And so I did. I left a full-time, well-payed job, as an accountant. At that point, I honestly had no idea what I was going to do. Remember how I was telling you guys that I would become a full-time blogger instead? Well, unfortunately, with me quitting my job, and finding new possibilities, I neglected blogging. I know that was really stupid on my part, but as much as I was trying to motivate myself, I just couldn’t.

From March all the way till October, I ventured out on my own, did my own business, and of course, I was really happy with the way it turned out, but the only thing was that I had no time for myself after that. The hours I was at home was rather weird, and I started missing the 9-6 fixed schedule that I used to have.

And then, I decided to search for jobs again, and finally, right now as I am writing, I am working in a typical 9-6.30pm job.

So you see guys, it has been a roller coaster year on my end, and not to forget, the annual trips that I went for.

So this is a reason why I took a break from Blogging. But, I promise you that I am back. I used to blog on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, previously. And I promise you that you would see posts on these days from now on.

So, thank you for being really patient with me, and I hope you guys are having a splendid week so far! :)


Bucketlist: A Trekking Trip

So..I’m not gonna lie..I am extremely afraid of heights!!! Yes guys! I am! Super afraid! And you know what? I also have a phobia of water! Exactly. But, last year, I overcame that phobia by going for a scuba diving trip!! And blimey, am I alive now!


The thing about your fears is that they’re all in your mind!! You think you’re afraid of it, but in reality, you’re not really…! Am I making any sense? Well..what I am trying to say is…you just need 20 seconds of courage…JUST 20 SECONDS OF COURAGE TO DO SOMETHING CRAZY, and believe me, SOMETHING GOOD WILL COME OUT OF IT!!!!!


So..what i am going to do is..overcome my fear of height! And how exactly am I going to do that? By going on a trekking trip! That’s right, y’all!! A TREKKING TRIP TO NEPAL!!!!! I am super excited about it!

In fact, I have already booked the trekking trip and it is scheduled this June/July! So if i don’t blog after june/july, you’ll know why i won’t be ever able to blog! :p Haha!







So that is what it’s gonna be like..except, there wouldn’t really be any snow! :p I will keep you guys posted on this aspect though!

But you know guys, before attempting this crazy stunt that I am about to, I need to actually get my gear ready!



I’ve got pretty much everything ready except sunglasses, a selfie stick and some waterproof matches. I wonder where I would be able to find those matches!! Gosh!! Do you guys know where I could find them?


And selfie stick is definitely a must! I mean, let’s get real..who else would take our own pics? :p


And the scariest part…sunglasses. I mean, I am completely aware that for a trek, we need to wear a sporty kind of pair…you know what I mean?


Wearing aviators or some cat-eye glasses to a trek is going to pretty disastrous, if you know what i mean?

I was actually googling some brands which sells sporty sunglasses, and came across Oakley!



I mean, I always knew about this brand. It’s just that it never appealed to me for I’m not exactly a sporty person, you know? But now that I’ve got no choice, I have to get them! And Omgosh!! Just look at them…aren’t they freaking sexy?


And yes, I am talking about both the shades and the man wearing the shades! :p Aren’t they both sexy? :p So I am kind of looking for somthing similar!

The prices are super crazy though!!! We’re talking about at least $800 here!! Gosh!!! Why are they so expensive??? :o


But like you guys know, I am a crazy discount shopper, and so I decided to try my luck at Zalora. And blimey!!! I found a very similar pair for just $300!! Can you believe it? *Thank youuuuu internet!!!* So I am gonna see if I can place my order there! :p

So that’s what’s going on in my life…tryna complete my bucket list!! :p


How about you guys? Have you ever attempted a crazy stunt before? Have you ever been on a trekking trip before? :o Is it scary? What essentials am i forgetting? :o I know there will be river rafting involved… OH DEAR LORD! :(