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Light Up The Sky..Can you?

Hello everyone! Today I am going to be following up with my boho-decor post series that I was once talking to you about.

Remember how I was showing you some of my boho inspirations?


So I am still in the midst of picking out a paint colour for my room. Can you guys give me a suggestion as to which colour do you think would be best?


Let me show you the gallery to my room’s entrance:







The LED lights that I am using here are from Amazon. I will show you which ones I am using in case you guys are interested!





They’re gorgeous, and so so bright!! I am literally in love with them!!!!


This, to be really honest with you, is just 3% of my entire decor. I am still thinking of the paint for my room. It’s gonna be a hugeeee makeover!!! Stay tuned to find out more! In the meantime, I would loveeee your take on it, and I am soo open to suggestions at the moment!!! So pleaseeeeee, pour in your ideas!!!!!!


Love you guys!! <3

The Boho Transformation #1: Inspirations

Helloooo everyone!! It’s been 2 weeks since I last posted anything. And I’m still alive!!! I have not exactly told many of you this, but right now, I’ve made the scariest decision of my life, by quitting my full time job and being my own boss. It’s not going to be easy of course, but I am so so me much happier now! And these last 1 week was basically for me to get used to the schedule and be accustomed to this new lifestyle of living.

Life is short, do something that makes you happy. Previously, I had absolutely no time for myself. I used to come home everyday after 9pm, and literally I would get so so tired that I would barely have quality time with myself. But now, yes, I still am busy with a few works, but I have had so so much more time on my hands now.

And because of that, my room is undergoing MAJOR renovation. Exactly. I am going to be changing my entire room theme to something more boho! Boho is definitely my spirit style! You know, like…spirit animal? Now I want to paint my room as well..but I am not exactly sure which colour pallet I should go for, you know?

I am thinking..rusty pink with green? Something like this:


What do you think of this decor? I know it’s a little too over the top for some of you..it’s a bit gypsy, boho, and indian at the same time. But I loveee it.

I am going to show you a few more inspirations:









And do you realise one thing? In boho decor, it is all about colours. The kaleidoscope of colours!!! And they’re very very focussed on details..you know? Mirrors, skulls, embellishments, bells, etc.






So this is my set of inspirtaion. I am on a journey to revamp my room, and I am going to share this journey with you! So welcome aboard while I show you how I transform a boring room, to a boho den!! :)

Thank you so much for reading, and I will be dropping by at your blogs to catch up with you beautiful people!! :) Toodles till then, and see you reallyyyy soon!! :)