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The Boho Transformation #1: Inspirations

Helloooo everyone!! It’s been 2 weeks since I last posted anything. And I’m still alive!!! I have not exactly told many of you this, but right now, I’ve made the scariest decision of my life, by quitting my full time job and being my own boss. It’s not going to be easy of course, but I am so so me much happier now! And these last 1 week was basically for me to get used to the schedule and be accustomed to this new lifestyle of living.

Life is short, do something that makes you happy. Previously, I had absolutely no time for myself. I used to come home everyday after 9pm, and literally I would get so so tired that I would barely have quality time with myself. But now, yes, I still am busy with a few works, but I have had so so much more time on my hands now.

And because of that, my room is undergoing MAJOR renovation. Exactly. I am going to be changing my entire room theme to something more boho! Boho is definitely my spirit style! You know, like…spirit animal? Now I want to paint my room as well..but I am not exactly sure which colour pallet I should go for, you know?

I am thinking..rusty pink with green? Something like this:


What do you think of this decor? I know it’s a little too over the top for some of you..it’s a bit gypsy, boho, and indian at the same time. But I loveee it.

I am going to show you a few more inspirations:









And do you realise one thing? In boho decor, it is all about colours. The kaleidoscope of colours!!! And they’re very very focussed on details..you know? Mirrors, skulls, embellishments, bells, etc.






So this is my set of inspirtaion. I am on a journey to revamp my room, and I am going to share this journey with you! So welcome aboard while I show you how I transform a boring room, to a boho den!! :)

Thank you so much for reading, and I will be dropping by at your blogs to catch up with you beautiful people!! :) Toodles till then, and see you reallyyyy soon!! :)

It’s Always Not About The Threadcount

Ok, so I am not going to lie. I am freaking naive, and not to mention, easily influenced. You know all this while, I’ve been thinking that the higher the threadcount of a bedsheet, the better and softer it is! Well..you believe so too?

You’re wrong! I’m wrong!! We are allllll WRONG!!!! :( (Thank you, Pinterest!)

And at this point, you must be thinking, “Bleehhh why do i Care? That’s none of my business. Aint nobody got no time for threadcounts!”…

Well…okay, tell me, how many hours a day do you spend in your bed? 8 hours at least, right? How many hours in a day? 24! So..mathematically speaking, aren’t you spending 1/3 of your day in your bed? And statistically speaking, 1/3 of your life? And so, do you really, REALLY not care about how comfortable your bedsheets are? Hmmm….! (I know, I do!!)

For me, I’m a very choosy person when it comes to bedsheets. The 3 characteristics I look into when choosing a bedsheet are:

  1. The threadcount – Yes, hold on a second..The higher the threadcount, the softer it is..ok..but wait…! More of this in a while!
  2. The Cotton used – There are many many types of cottons, you know?
  3. Country Made- This does matter!
  4. The colour & design- For obvious reasons!


Ok, so now, coming back to threadcounts, yeah sure, the higher the better (Note: Minimum threadcount you should purchase should be 200!), but you know, that’s not always the case! Believe me, I have used bedsheets with over 1200 threadcounts, and then instantly, removing the bedsheet, because I hates the way it felt.

See, as much as the threadcount matters, it really also depends on the type of cotton that one is using. There are just so many types of cottons, you know? I will name you a few common types of cottons:

1. Egyptian Cotton- One of the best in the world. Extremely soft, and feels luxurious! And it’s only obvious, because it’s a fact that the best cotton grown in the world is in Egypt. So, when buying it, be sure to see labels like, “100% Egyptian Cotton” or “Pure Egyptian”, otherwise, it might only contain a very small percentage of it.

2. Polyester Cotton- Just the WORST!!!!! It feels like plastic, and you know, literally, it is waterproof (read: PLASTIC!). And not to mention, how thin and cheap it feels. So..do you really want to spend your life sobbing on a tear-stained pillow cover that is made of polyester cotton? I don’t! I would rather cry on a pillow made with egyptian cotton!


And then, the next factor is the country it is made in. I can tell you closing both eyes that if you buy bedsheets from countries like India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Egypt, then you’re in for a really good deal!!

But if it is made in China (which most likely 99% of the times it is), then you really need to read the labels carefully.

And then, being a girl, and an interior decorate freak, the design and colour do matter! I will show you some of my favourite Comforter Sets.

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I’m the kind of girl who loves abstracts print, floral prints, and anything that gives you an artsy vibe. One of my biggest pet peeve is 3D bedsheets. Am I the only one who finds them extremely tacky????

I hope this guide helped you! And so the next time you go bedsheet shopping, make sure you keep these points in mind!! Believe me, as much as we don’t admit, they do make a hugeeee difference!!! Till then, GOODNIGHT…AND I’M OFF TO HIBERNATE NOW!