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Revamping My Space

Okay guys, if you guys recall, I’ve been telling you guys that my room (and house) is going to be undergoing a major haul.


This week, I will be repainting my entire house. As promised, I will be documenting this entire journey, and I am going to be sharing it with you, so stay tuned on my blog.


Do you guys know how hard it can be, to select the right shade for your space? It’s crazy. And that’s just the paint bit, ok? Don’t even get me started on shopping for the furniture.



I want to fill out the entire place and the furniture list in never ending. See just some of my wish list items below:

  • A canopy swing
  • A swinging bed (don’t even ask me why!!)
  • A book shelf!
  • A nice canopy bed
  • A little mini sofa


So basically, let’s get real here, these things are certainly not going to come cheap. Dang, they’ll cause a huge dent in my bank account. But then again, they’re definitely necessary well for me at least.


So I was googling some of the ways to either revamp my current furniture (oh, I am not so artistically inclined, Pinterest!!), or buy some used furniture. BINGO! That’s what I am actually planning to do!!


In fact, I quickly hopped onto google, and googled some sites to buy furniture. And that is when I came across Gumtree!!



So, I was browsing through their catalogue, and they’ve got a HUGE variety of items available on their site. And what’s the best part? You can contact the seller directly, and go for a personal viewing of the items.


As we are talking about this, I have already booked appointments with 2 of the sellers this week!! I really hope to finalise the deals!! Gosh! And not just that, but what is attractive about this whole concept is that I can sell my own furniture too, you know? So, I am not exactly spending money then. Because, hey, I will eventually be getting back what I’m going to be spending, innit? ;)


I will show you some of the items I am planning to purchase:


pic2Above: Black-Green Shelf- $500 (Sale), Originally was priced at $1600

Above: Deep Red-Black Sofa- $785 (sale), originally was priced at $1285



Above: Black Antique French Shelf- $200 (sale), originally was priced at $600


Aren’t they gorgeous? And you can clearly see the price difference between the sales items and the original retail price. I cannot wait to show you guys how they look like when I get them!!

Guys, I want you to keep watching this space, because I will definitely be sharing and documenting my journey of before and after!!!

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you’re having a great week! :)


Light Up The Sky..Can you?

Hello everyone! Today I am going to be following up with my boho-decor post series that I was once talking to you about.

Remember how I was showing you some of my boho inspirations?


So I am still in the midst of picking out a paint colour for my room. Can you guys give me a suggestion as to which colour do you think would be best?


Let me show you the gallery to my room’s entrance:







The LED lights that I am using here are from Amazon. I will show you which ones I am using in case you guys are interested!





They’re gorgeous, and so so bright!! I am literally in love with them!!!!


This, to be really honest with you, is just 3% of my entire decor. I am still thinking of the paint for my room. It’s gonna be a hugeeee makeover!!! Stay tuned to find out more! In the meantime, I would loveeee your take on it, and I am soo open to suggestions at the moment!!! So pleaseeeeee, pour in your ideas!!!!!!


Love you guys!! <3