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This is Lisa. She is my friend. My mom and dad can’t see her so they said she is an imaginary friend. Lisa is a nice friend.



18 0ctober 2018

Today i tried to plant a flower in the yard. I tried to plant it by the sandbox but Lisa said that’s where her father was sleeping so i planted it in a cup of dirt.




20 October 2018

Lisa is at school with me today. I brought her because i am usually bored in school. But my teacher got angry because she can’t see Lisa. Lisa got sad so she hid my teacher’s laptop.




24 0ctober 2018

Yesterday was my weekend party. Mom bought pizza but no one came. Lisa said people came on the porch and then left. But they left presents. I got 3 barbies, some shoes and 5 dollars. Me and Lisa played barbies.



3 november 2018

My teacher is absent today. There is another substitute teacher and her name is Kylie. Kylie is nice and pretty and is letting me eat cupcakes in class.. I wish Kylie stays as our teacher.



6 november 2018

Yesterday Lisa and me went on a long walk until the moon came out. Daddy got really mad and said Lisa is stupid and fake. :(

Lisa got sad and disappeared. Today she didn’t come to school with me but my teacher said that Kylie wont ever be coming back. :(





7 november 2018

Daddy was at work all day yesterday. He didnt even come home to eat dinner. Today he is still at work. Mom packed me a pudding for lunch today. Pudding is my favourite.


8 november 2018

I miss Lisa. Daddy is really busy at work. He didnt come home at the weekend. Mom is angry at him. I’m going to write a letter for Lisa.


Dear Lisa,

I miss you. Please come back. I am sorry because my dad was mean. You are my best friend.




11 november 2018

Lisa came back yesterday. She said she was sorry for leaving and i told her my dad won’t come home. Lisa said Kylie and him and sleeping like her dad. I hope they wake up soon.




Super Cheap & Easy D-I-Y Flower Crown!

Hi guys! I’ll show you in today’s tutorial on how I make a flower crown in less than $4!!

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