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He says…She says…

So…we are all ladies, and we loveeee dressing up!! And whether we agree or not, somewhere in our minds, we dress to impress. Impress who, you ask? Women, obviously. But more than often, men. (I know what you’ll say…if you wanna impress a man, just undress.. -_- but seriously, no. Unless, well..i mean, WELL ok…do you, boo!!! Bless your heart!!).

So, I got my boyfriend’s help this time round, and I asked him to pick 4-5 dresses…and tell me why you picked them? He’s obviously very very helpful, and he selected 4 dresses. So let’s get a guy’s opinion on what kind of dresses they like!!

  1. Me: So, what kind of dresses would you like to see a woman in?
    Him: It depends. If it’s dinner, then long. If it’s clubbing, then short. And if we’re on a date, then mid-length.
  2. Me: So, what sleeve length do you prefer? Long sleeves? Short sleeves? Sleeveless? Or tube dresses?
    Him: Short sleeves are nice. But I think 3-quarter sleeves are classy too. And different. Wait, no no nooooo, short sleeves are better! (HE’S ALWAYS CONFUSED!!) 
  3. Me: Haha, make up your mind!!!!!! Ok, next question, do you like a woman with too many accessories?
    Him: No. Just a necklace. Earring. Some rings. Bracelets. But they should go with the dress.
    Him: Hahahhahaa, babe, I have no idea! Ok fine, minus the bracelet.
  5. Me: Haha, ok!! Next question, would you prefer her wearing high heels? Low heels? flats? shoes? Etc?
    Him: Babe…why are you asking me so many questions. Are you a reporter or some CBI? Stop interrogating me! :(
  6. Me: Hahahaha, answerrrrrr!! :(
    Him: What’s the difference between sandals and heels?
  7. Me: -_____- Nevermind, interview over!!!
    Him: Tellll me! I will answer properly..ok, maybe heels.
  8. Me: Ok, last question! A naked woman or A woman in dress?
    Him: *Gives a super cheesy answer*
    Me: Ok, I wont blog this!! r_r
    Him: -_- You’re blogging all these? Wtf?


So then finally, I asked him to help me select 4 dresses from Ihomecoming.com

And here are his picks:

ihomecoming.com SUPPLIES Scoop Neckline Open Back A Line Tulle And Lace Short/Mini Homecoming Dresses Short/Mini


ihomecoming.com SUPPLIES Glamorous A-line Long Sleeves Appliques Short/Mini Evening/Prom Dress Others


ihomecoming.com SUPPLIES Elegant A-Line Short Sleeves Beading Backless Scoop Neck Short Homecoming Dress Short/Mini


ihomecoming.com SUPPLIES Glamorous 2/3 Long Sleeves Beading  A-Line Short Lace Prom Dress University


And well, I must say, out of those 4, I would have only picked 2. In fact, I would have never thought of wearing the blue one, but now, thinking about it, heyyy, guys do like those kind of dresses, no? #mindblown!!

Lesson of the day: If you want to impress a guy, ask him what he likes. Sometimes, what you think he might like may not be what he likes!!

PSPS: For more of such dress, click here: affordable sexy prom of Ihomecoming 


I hope you guys loved my boyfriend’s input! If you guys enjoyed this, I could ask him to help me out more :P (He’s nice and helpful!)

Guest Attire For A Wedding- A Rant

“Even the girl who ate bugs in high school got married”
– my suicide note.


Okay…so a friend of mine (mind you, she’s 2 years younger than me, and I’m just 24!!), is getting hitched. Wow, but if that wasn’t stressful enough, she has imposed a strict “rule” to the attire that we are required to wear on her wedding day.


Now you would be thinking, “yeah, that’s good”, etc etc, but uhhh nope, it’s not! Because all women there are required (MANDATORY REQUIREMENT) to wear a long gown (for ladies) and a full suit (for guys).



Again, you would think, well, it’s not exactly wrong, but what if I further add that the wedding is going to be taking place in the afternoon?


Again, you would tell me, “Well Anshul, you’re being bitter because you’re jealous she’s getting married before you!”..Well, ok, what if I tell you that it’s going to be held at a park? IN THE AFTERNOON? Now? Tell me, am i still wrong?


Again, some of you might say, “well…it’s stillll not baddddddddd!”. Okay, so what if I tell you that they’re going to be serving a mexican buffet? Now..Tell me…anyone? ANYONEEEEE????


It’s my number one pet-peeve when the dress code DOES NOT go with the wedding theme! It’s annoying as hell!! And the fact that now I need to buy a dress especially for this even further aggravates my anger.

So I was literally on google on dresses that are park-appropriate. and yet at the same time, wedding-appropriate, until I came to Discount Evening Dresses from Weddingshe!


So I picked out 3 dresses. I will tell you towards the end which one did I finally pick, but I will show you my picks!


What I loved about this dress above is that it’s light, and you know what? Totally appropriate for the park because let’s get real, it is going to be hella hot!!! And you what’s lovely about it is how feminine it looks!


This next dress above is slightly similar to the red one, but this is more “tamed”. But you know, at the same time, it’s airy and light. This is from their collection evening 2015 of weddingshe.com


And this one above is my favourite (and hence my pick!) on what I would opt to wear to that kid’s  wedding. It’s light, and the sleeves are perfect, and i love how it is beautifully embellished as well. The only thing that I need to be aware of is to not get the food on my dress. That would be chaotic!!!!!

In fact, you know what? There are so so many more beautiful dresses you could wear. Check them out here: http://www.weddingshe.com/list/Evening-Dresses-14354/

So guys, tell me, what are your pet peeves of weddings? I seriously can’t stand people who butcher the theme and the dress code together!! Seriously!!! ANNNNNN-OYING!!!!!