Now now now, many of my frens complained that they werent able to find me on youtube…
well, erm, yes…i know!lol..but…im actually thinking of creating a new youtube channel…maybe i will call it “ashbhrgv” or…”ash90″…”or “ashtv”…idk yet!!! but it’ll sure be useful for those interested in:
1. fashion
2. style
3. nail art
4. hair techniques
5. advice for various stuff
6. vlogs
7. favourites for the mth
And i dont know, but for my former channel, the feedback i got was that i wasnt doing any make-up tutorial at all! the fact is, im not good at it…i DO NOT USE i wldnt know a thing abt it…!!!
In a few mins, i will disable my former channel…and i will remove all the vids…i’ll start afresh!!! but i need support and ur advice…so pls subscribe to my new youtube channel..and also follow me on twitter and follow me on my blog!! i wld highly appreciate it :0)…take care!!xoxo