So according to an old wives’ tale and folklores, the darker the colour of the henna on hands, the more your husband is going to love you. And that’s exactly what I’ve been hearing ever since i was young!!

But then, of course this thingy called “GROWING UP” happens, and you become more intelligent (practical) and realise that the darkening of henna has got nothing to do with husbands or mothers-in-law. I mean, let’s get real, i dont have a husband or a mother-in-law (obviously, since i dont have a husband!), and yet my henna darkens. What kinda sorcery is that?


Well..SCIENCE. In fact, more specifically, 3 things to darken your henna:

  1. TIME - The longer you apply the henna for, the darker the colour! I applied mine for 10 hours!! You’ll see later how dark it turned out! 
  2. WARMTH – The warmer your blood is, the darker the colour. So that being said, lizards and snakes and frogs are pretty unlucky :/ 
  3. SKIN TYPE – How come some people have a deep red henna colour, while others have a black colour?? Well, the thicker your skin, the more henna it will absorb and hence the darker the colour! That’s why places where there is lesser skin, such as hands, feet, arm, has lighter colour as opposed to your palms. 


Convinced already? :) So..let me show you a quick tutorial of how i applied henna! Also, i dont care much about the quality, and trust me, it barely matters. It’s all about the after-care!!

So..This is the cone that i bought from an Indian Grocery Store:




It costed me $1 and it’s enough for a full hand (in front and at the back!)



Start off with a clean hand. I washed mine and towel dried it, and immediately started applying the henna. Some people might want to use henna oil.  ( Aint nobody got no time foh dat!)



Alright, so you start applying your henna!






And we’re done!! I took around 4 hours to complete my design!!! Phewwww! Thank god for the music i was listening to!!!



Now…wait for about 20 minutes, until your paste starts drying a little. Then, heat up some lemon juice and add sugar in it, and stir until the sugar completely melts. And then use a cotton to dab on your henna!

WHY?!?!??! – It will help keep the paste intact, and as mentioned earlier, the longer the henna is on your palm, the darker the colour!! And then what i did was, i covered it up with a plastic wrap (once it dried) and slept!


When i woke up the next morning (after 8 hours!), my henna paste started flaking. And that’s ok!! Let is flake, in fact, remove it gently…And this is how it should look like:



(Next morning, no filter!) – It’s deep orange! Dont worry, it is going to get darker, if you follow the following tips!


– Apply coconut oil on your palm to deepen the colour…or a balm. I opted for the coconut oil because, hell, i was helping my mom with housework, and the last thing i would want is to contaminate everything in the house with the balm! So..oil is so much cleaner and better!! I applied it for about 4 hours, and then i took my shower!!


(REMEMBER: DO NOT LET THE HAND COME IN CONTACT WITH WATER FOR AT LEAST 24 HOURS!!!!) – Of course, that’s pretty i tried to minimise the contact with water as much as i could!..


And at night, this is how it turned out:

(see, the colour got deeper!!)



And then finally, the following morning, it reached it’s peak:






Anyway…that’s it. After that it’s going downhill from there! This will probably last for around 3 weeks!! So..enjoy your henna! :)